Atom Pancakes is an independent Production Company specialising in 3D Animation. The studio was formed as part of a project for the University for Creative Arts. We provide services in the animation production pipeline from concept design to final animation. We always seeking for new challenges, and answer them with the best of professionalism.

The Team

 Jordan Buckner

'I am an artist, designer, animator, film maker and creative. I have recently received a First Class Honours Degree in CG Arts and Animation from the University for the Creative Arts. If you would like to get in touch, feel free to check out my blog'


Ruben Martins

Ruben Martins is a freelance character artist from Portugal, who recently graduated from CG Arts and Animation Course at UCA Rochester, UK. Ruben grew up watching animations by Disney and at his heart he stayed that child appreciating the skill of making drawings come alive. In his projects, he is passionate about designing and giving life and personality to characters. Ruben is an enthusiastic individual with great attention to detail, who seeks adventures and challenges. In his spare time he likes to travel and explore different cultures and cuisines.


Ethan Shilling

'I'm a CG Artist who recently graduated from the University for the Creative Arts with a First Class in `BA (Hons) CG Arts & Animation`. While I aspire to be a professional CG animator, I currently specialise in the more technical aspects of CG, focusing on character rigging (including the construction of custom built UIs) and the developing of useful tools to aid in rigging and general setup of scenes within the 3D software. I also have a passion for story telling and the directing of my own animated shorts. While Maya is my primary choice of  3D software, I'm also familiar with Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere. For More information, check out my website.'


Leo Tsang

'I am a graduate of the University of the Creative Arts Rochester with a First Class in BA (Hons) CG Arts & Animation. I consider myself to be a generalist in the field of CG animation, with my main skills in modelling, texturing and compositing, as well as a passion in concept art. Software I am experienced in include Maya, Photoshop and After Effects.'


Sam Hayes

'I am a CG Artist with skills in environment modelling, lighting and compositing. I graduated from The University of the Creative Arts, Rochester with a First Class honours degree in CG Arts and Animation. I'm passionate about film and digital artwork. '