Thursday, 28 July 2011

Thoughts and Influences

To help our meeting progress quickly and successfully I thought a post about sci-fi themes may help. We want to show a love for the genre and therefore it is key that we follow something that feels inherently of the genre. Below are a few of my favourite scenes and how they fall into classic sci-fi conventions.

The Bad Robot and Destructive A.I

The idea of future technology forming a personality and taking over a ship is a common thread in sci-fi. From 2001 to Battlestar Galactica it has been a key narrative that resonates with audiences. This could be a possible line of pastiche, building a suspenseful plot around computer A.I that suddenly turns into something quite different.

2001 A Space Odyssey (Contains Spoilers)


Astronaut Leaving the Ship

A method of creating humour is to build up a serious tone and then break the wall and turn the narrative into something completely different. An iconic scene of the genre has always been the moment when the astronaut has to leave the ship or base. It is a serious moment when everything could go wrong and therefore this would be the perfect time twist the narrative. This style of scene is can be seen in Moon and is noticeable in the trailer below.


UFO and Alien Invasion

Pixar's "Lifted" beautifully displays there love of the UFO narrative, and it is a narrative that has been told many times before. That however, does not mean it is impossible to make a great animation from this idea. It would be great to create a new twist on the UFO plot and so I definitely feel this is an idea to explore.

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