Monday, 29 August 2011

Character: Arthur Winters- Character Facial Variations

Lately I have been concentrating in getting the character ready, so it can be modelled at any time. Previously, i was exploring different routes with the character, but after we had our meeting everything seemed so clear to what we wanted to achieve with it. 
So I began developing it further, Firstly, by trying different head shapes I moved closer to what I wanted to design. 

Next, I moved onto trying out different levels of stylisation for the character based on the art direction we were set to follow.

With the the right design chosen in terms os stylisation, what followed was a mix and match of different features on the character. From different specs to different facial hair to different hairstyles, I was able to provide 60 designs of different character features ready to be chosen by me and my colleagues. 

After our last meeting and discussing these designs we pretty much agreed in certain features of the character, while others were done by compromising opinions. but nevertheless, the character is in the right track. and here is the variation chosen...

Now I will further develop this one as well as concentrate on the body, which is have a clear idea what I want to go for, and the logic behind it. 

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