Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Character: Arthur Winters- Character Profile Sheet and Final Influence Map

With the design stages going pretty well, I decided to get back and complete the missing information on the profile sheet, this will allow me to reference the character features. Also I have put together an final influence map where character features and clothes were researched and added. this again will help me reference visuals such as clothing or small details.

Character Profile Sheet

Name: Arthur Winters

Biography: Arthur Winters is a recognised novel author, however when he prepares to write his new book, ideas slip his mind and he is left with nothing. For an accomplished writer not having ideas is like a crime. After some time of reflection and gathering thoughts, he thinks he has yet another masterpiece, though the real struggle begins when he tries to write his ideas for the new book.

Age: 45

Race: Human

Height: 1.70 m.

Body Type: Skinny, Average Height, Waistline Above Normal,Long Hands and Feet.

Face Type: Skinny Body Face With Salient Cheek Bones, Small Eyes and Big Nose.

Complexion: Pale Colour With little Wrinkles, and a Mole ( Not Dark).

Eyes: Hazelnut Colour Eyes and Often Uses a Monocle.

Hair: 1920's to 1940's Hairstyle, Full Hair with Bald Sides.

Facial Hair: Well Trimmed Moustache, but as the animation progresses he gets also a stubble.

Clothing Style: On His Torso, He Wears a Well- Ironed Long Sleeve White Shirt a Tie Covered with a Sleeveless (Dark Green) Polo. (Maybe w/ Braces). His Trousers Are Beige and Slightly Short with Polished Brown Shoes.

Speaking Style: Calm, Polite, Formal (Academic Level).

General Demeanour: When normal he is excited about his books, when he has an idea he overreacts and becomes silly.

Career: An Acclaimed Novel Writer.

Prejudices: Loves to write books, but unfortunately he is not lucky enough to have an idea.

Best Qualities: enthusiastic, determined, polite, has common sense.

Worst Qualities: melodramatic, silly, sometimes frustrated.

Weaknesses: when overreacting he behaves silly, allowing gags to play on him.

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