Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Characters Initial Influence Maps

With a new idea cooking in our studio, all our new condiments have to be fresh. With different characters in this idea, we have to research everything from scratch, however it is always an enjoyable thing to do as it allows us to better understand our characters and their surroundings. As much we liked the other characters they wont be in this idea so their research is part of the past, now the focus is on this character and to better understand him I have quickly created a profile sheet of the character with no descriptive content so it allows our designers to freely design the character, and also quickly put a few influence maps that can be used as reference when designing it.

Initial Profile Sheet

Name: Writer (Name to be Decided) (like Walter, Alfred)

Biography: Arthur Winters is a recognised author in literature, however when he prepares to write his new book, ideas slip his mind and he is left with nothing. For an accomplished author not having ideas is like a crime. After some time of reflection and thought gathering, he thinks he has yet another masterpiece, however the real struggle begins when he tries to write his ideas for the new book.

Age: 40-45

Race: Human

Speaking Style: Calm, Polite, Formal (Academic Level). 

General Demeanour: When normal he is excited about his books, when he has an idea he overreacts and becomes silly. 

Career: Novel Writer

Prejudices: Loves to write books, but lately unfortunately he is not lucky enough to have an idea. 

Best Qualities: enthusiastic, determined, polite, has common sense.

Worst Qualities: melodramatic, silly, sometimes frustrated.
Weaknesses: when overreacting he behaves silly, allowing gags to play on him.

An additional research on the clothes of the period so we have a rather accurate character.

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