Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Concept Art: Arthur Winters: Initial Character Sketches and Alchemy Silhouettes

For the past week and a few days I have been working on getting a few designs for our character. I previously posted the research and some information about the character to work on. So here is the the sketches I came up with, it is still the beginning of the designing stages so it is a lot of room from improvement. I will also be waiting for Jordan and his interpretation of the character. Just so I have a wider range of designs to work upon.

The first attempt is a digital sketch of character based on silhouettes created in alchemy.

With that done, I then tried to draw some more variation of characters, this will allow me to reference and choose what things work best for this character.


  1. The one with the monocle is definitely my new favorite!

    It's not too cartoony, like the long faced ones are, and he seems to be the most balanced in terms of style and proportion. The slightly squared bald head is perfect, and we just have to have that monocle! He seems to me like he is the critically acclaimed writer we are looking for.

    Well that's my opinion anyway. :D

  2. ps - he would still look good in glasses too!

  3. great you enjoying it... i like that one and the one next to it.

    still a bit more to develop... what i do later is try a few variations: glasses monocle, different hairstyles, etc. until I get something interesting.