Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Marketing Strategy Ideas

One of the areas we discussed on the last meeting was about marketing our animation, we came with a few possibilities to publish our work either online or even at university. The aim is as we finish the short film it won't be forgotten therefore we have to market it well.

These are our ideas to market the film some of them will be done throughout the production of the same, others will be done when the animation is completed.

Teaser Online Posters: 

Teaser Posters consists in a poster which often is made while the film is still in production, with the objective to grab audience to go and watch it when released. It is often really simple, with not much writing ( apart from when the film is released). it is also not explicit, filled with strong visual cues and catchy slogans, in order to stimulate people watch it.

Final Poster: 

The final poster is the poster which accompanies the release of the film, it is surely more detailed than a teaser trailer and often features the protagonists of the film. The same design is often use as the DVD Cover, when released. A good size for this poster ranges from A2 to A0.

Tweeting it:

Twitter is a great online social platform, which is easy to use and quick to interact to other people, the aim is to once published a numerous times people will gain interest and visit us and share our work in their network of friends. It is also good to quickly write updates n real time of events happening in our studio and share any interest we have.

Free Wallpapers to Download: 

One of our new strategies will be to implement freebies in our marketing of the film. Everybody loves freebies, and we can use it in our advantage, by allowing people to download desktop wallpapers, and some behind the scenes concept art work, we intend to please audiences and grab their attention. Note that despite we giving free stuff all the work is copyrighted. Therefore use it commercially is not allowed. we think of being sharing wallpapers in different sizes for different devices.

Making of- Timelapse Videos

Here at Atom Pancakes we like to share, so we came up with the idea of creating some time lapse videos, of us working, this is aimed at individual who are looking for inspiration or want to see how the behind the scenes work in a film project. These videos will be later used in our making of video document. they will feature some of us working on concept design, modelling or even texturing.


This kit is often seen in conferences and it serves to further advertise your work, it consists in a couple of informative leaflets, maybe some stickers and badges. Everything has to be appealing so it will gather a few more people to join our audience.

Advertise at University on the boards:

Being this animation a collaboration between Atom Pancakes and UCA Rochester, we can use the campus to our advantage, with plenty of space for advertisement. We can post a few leaflets, deliver a few cards in order to gain appreciation from fellow students who can also share the word for us.

3D Print Out:

It is always good to have a physical copy of our work therefore  we thought of using a machine which was introduced to us last year, a 3D printout machine which enables us to transfer our virtual models into real world. this will be used to show as a maquette for a possible toy. After the project this same model can exhibit on our floor just outside our baseroom.

We won't promise that we will be doing all of this but if time allows it is probable that we actually will.

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