Thursday, 22 September 2011

2d Graphical Influence

We have a lot of work to do, but we are starting to move forward with more confidence and in the next week or so, the current problems we have should be resolved. Before we show more storyboards, artwork and character sketches, we'd like to share some ideas we have for art style. A big part of our animation is 2d graphical elements which need to tell a meta-narrative and it is my job to direct this section. That means, narrative, art work and final arrangement. 

Below, I've outlined some influences for the current narrative. This section of the animation has to feel different, yet familiar with the crime genre.

Saul Bass
Bass has become an iconic designer in the history of graphics. His simplistic posters broke all conventions when first created and even today have been influencing contemporary artists. His most famous works, stemmed from the films of Hitchcock, still demonstrate how impeccable and intelligent simple ideas can be.

Olly Moss
Possibly one of the greatest graphic designers of our generation, Moss combines his love of film and games with intelligent design. His work ranges from movie posters to game covers, and it looks as if his work will only become more and more popular.

Mad Men
One of HBO's latest masterpieces is the superb Mad Men. Set in the slick 60's of the American Ad world, the story of Mad Men is complete and perfected in every way, even down to the titles. The 37 seconds of graphics demonstrate the world of Mad Men perfectly. Simple, strong and slick. Check out the article below for more information on the preproduction.

The Legacy of Saul Bass and Movie Title Design
Ever since Bass demonstrated how simple design could be, modern films have been replicating it. The below links will give you an insight into the design of some of these titles.

The Thomas Beale Cipher
This short was posted by Tom Beg last year and instantly I fell in love with it. The style, texture and unique approach to story telling make it an incredible watch. This is similar to what I want to create with out 2d work. It needs to be simple to read and scream style, immediately telling the viewer about the narrative and the genre.

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  1. i love saul bass's poster, they are so minimalist yet informative and intriguing.

    great stuff on here jordan.