Thursday, 1 September 2011

Character: Arthur Winters- Character Body Silhouettes

With the character defined and with more information about its body, I began exploring it. Having clear idea on my head of how it should be built I played around with silhouettes in order to find what it was working and what not. 

After trying out 4 different examples, I moved into creating a final silhouette with features that were working in all of them. 


  1. I was going to say that he looks too skinny, however I actually really like this final shape!

    Oh by the way, I've looked at hair and decided it is way to difficult for this animated short. Although the dynamics is simple to set up, there isn't much info on the styling of hair and rendering it is also tricky.

    So I think we will stick with geometry based hair, and that goes for the eye brows as well.

    I've also been looking into both facial rigging and custom MEL UI's and that has been interesting.

    I shall post the final desk design as I have finished that too.

  2. Hey guys, I really like the final shape, however, I think maybe the top of the legs need to be closer together. On my last project I had the legs quite far apart and it cause a lot of problems with animation. Also, maybe he should be a little bit taller?

    Phil has posted some really good feedback here and highlighted some issues that we need to work on...

  3. I think we need another skype meeting... Urgent!

  4. in terms of art diretion definatly mesh hair and facial hair we can also get it to zbrush and turn it as organic as possible.