Monday, 19 September 2011

Weekly Update Week 6 and 7

This blog has been updated in some time and although the little activity here at Atom Pancakes, Pre- Production never stops.  For the past 2 weeks we have been working in different aspects of pre-production: Story, Character, Environment and Prop Design.

Firstly the story has suffered a few changes from the past 2 weeks, where we tried to perfect it to work better in our short animation.  This step of story development it is still far from finished, and even at the present date we have been improving the story. However here is the latest of the scripts available: 

With the Story still in development, many other areas of pre-production are going smoothly, the design part of our world seems to be coming along, as we clearly understand now who our character is? Where does he live and what the time period he belongs to?

Character Design 

From last week, we began to move into the development stage of the character. Until we reached to a design we were all happy with. 

Character Body Silhouettes 

Final Character Development

With the character pretty much developed, we moved into understanding the character in depth. For that purpose, we made a couple of design sheets: such as Turnarounds, Face Expressions Sheet, Props Sheet and Size Sheet, all papers that will help us in further stages of this project in order to get the character right in the 3D World. 


Face Expressions

Props Sheet

Size Sheet

Some more information has to be done to complete the character, however these sheets will be of great help to move the character from 2D to 3D.

not only character design is going great the environments and respective concept art are also shaping up, and although the story is not definite it, some possible environments have began to be developed. 

Concept Art

The last part of the design work is the props design,  having set our animation in the 1930's we have moved into designing our own props based on actual pictures of those same props in that period. As our animation has slightly stylisation we made sure that the character and the environment and props would fit all together. 

Props Design

Chair Variations

Desk Lamp

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