Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Concept Art Update

Today has been a bit of a turning point for Atom Pancakes. We've been struggling and arguing for a while as we try to progress with each stage. But today, we all sat down to edit together and put differences aside. The key to this is really quite simple. We all suggested ideas, tried them out in the edit, if they didn't work they didn't make the cut. So far our first and final act seem to be most resolved. Tomorrow we meet again to work through our second act and things are starting to move towards something final and succinct.

In the meantime we have all been working on other aspects, environments, character modelling and props are all under way and coming along nicely. Yesterday I felt that we really needed another concept, our exterior environment was rather unrealised and so I sat down and worked on the piece below.

It's difficult to bring interest to a shot that needs to be static and somewhat subtle, but hopefully the use of lighting and colour help. This concept not only shows our exterior environment, but demonstrates the introduction shot of animation, as we see Arthur Winters working through the night to finish his book. Below are a few images showing the progression of the piece. This piece really could have benefited from better thumbnail drawings. It was a struggle to develop and with a clearer idea at the outset this could have been simpler.

There will be plenty more to come from Atom Pancakes this week so keep tuned.


  1. Glad things are coming together! :)

  2. I would suggest that you take a closer look at the logic of your world in terms of it being a 'period' piece. You seem to have a mix of Victoriana and Thirties Film Noir at the moment.

    When and where is this set?

  3. Hey you guys - Alan is right, and he's picking up on the same disparity I noticed previously (which is still true of your teaser poster), but with this new concept piece above, and the new animatic, everything about your world is coming together - just keep going back to real work reference always - so even for your dagger awards, go find a reference that gives you the 30's feel - 30's shape etc. - Just keep going back to your place and time for everything... It's been tough, but it's been worth it - congratulations!

  4. A post that was initialling meant for Ethan's blog - but it's not letting me leave it! It is concept art related sort of anyway so here it is -
    'Liking the look of the typewriter! I'm wondering about the filing cabinet though ...it looks a bit modern and 'office-like'. I would imagine that since his office is in his home, the cabinet would have a more domestic feel to it, something like this maybe?