Friday, 14 October 2011

The First Animatic

We have been rather quiet for the last couple of weeks, but we have been working hard. We have spent a lot of this time struggling with our story and we have changed a lot. This is always a difficult and stressful stage where progress seems to slow but now it's time to show the animatic and we'd love for as much feedback as possible. This is our first draft, and we'd like you to be as honest as possible, so we can make this work really well.

The music is still currently only temporary as we are trying to contact producers to get a soundtrack mixed fro us. But hopefully this gives you an idea of the style of music we wish to use. 

Meanwhile, we know that while this stage of the project develops, there is plenty of time to get other jobs done. We have started modelling various props as no matter how the story changes, we know that we need a writer and his office.

We'd also like to show the final concept art that will help us create our world.

The Office

Arthur Winters


  1. hey! Great to see this - BUT - I've got no music?

  2. Looks like I uploaded the wrong one :S New one will be up in a few minutes.

  3. I know it's only a stand-in, and yes, it evokes the era, but it's completely wrong, in so much as a) it's the signature tune to the Radio 4 show, Desert Island Discs, which means that's ALL people are going to get from it - including me. I'm finding it really distracting, and b) because there is no pace in it, it's totally smooth. You're going to need more activity in it. Trust me on this, feedback will cluster, not around the structure, but around the music - and I think the music is also encouraging a rather lethargic pace. I appreciate music is your stumbling block right now, but this soundtrack has got to go...

  4. Ok, I've changed it with the version without music, just sound effects at the mo.

  5. Maybe something jazzier then? Something to inspire a more dynamic edit?

    This is American, but it just sounds 'comedic' and action-based. I'm hunting around, looking for something that synchs with both the era and the place, and I just KNOW that there is something in the light music genre that will be perfect for this.... *tutorphil's frustrated face*

  6. Thanks Phil, I've tried a few more American pieces but they are difficult to link with the correct tempo. What do you think or the structure itself and the way in which the animation currently plays out?

  7. okay - some other suggestions that you might use to splice together sections for your animatic...

    Robert Farnon: (Nice, establishing stuff) (this has a lot of comedy and expression and a sense of activity in it...) (typing music?)

    This one has lots of implied frenzy in it too - and some slight suspense/peril aspects too: it's called 'Scrub, Brother, Scrub' composed by Ken Warner...

    (Don't be disheartened - there's much about the animatic itself that is clearly communicated, but I think the music is going to give you a more energetic approach to structuring it, so it's worth upping the energy now).

  8. Really like this stuff, I'll try and make an edit using these and see how it plays out.