Thursday, 8 December 2011

Character Animation Influence

Animation began here at the Atom Pancakes HQ. Having the character finished and his personality understood, it was needed to research comedy shows or animations, in which our character could relate.
Arthur Winters being a British character we mainly focused on British comedy, aiming to use the 'Britishness' so visible in this type of comedy.

Faulty Towers

The first British TV Show we researched was Faulty Towers, more specifically the character of Basil Faulty. Basil Faulty, played by John Cleese, is a great example to associate with our character. Firstly, as he is very "British", having most of the mannerisms we want to apply to our character. But also because he is very short tempered just like our character, losing the plot and acting funny when in that state.

Jeeves and Woosters  

Another British TV Series we have looked at was Jeeves and Woosters. In this case, the character of Wooster played by Hugh Laurie. Once again, this character is full of "British" charm. Jeeves is a very posh character who behaves in a proper English manner, however as he loses his temper he becomes rather silly.

Mr. Bean 

The famous Mr. Bean, played by Rowan Atkinson is another character we researched. While the two previous characters the main focus of the research was to find the Britishness needed to apply to our character. Mr. Bean was included in the research for a very different reason, he is a character who doesn't speak much, therefore all his comedy come from his acting. This way of creating comedy through only acting will help animate character, Arthur Winters.

Fast Show 

Fast Show was a British comedy TV Show which consisted in a variety of TV Sketches portraying funny situations in a wide range of places.We chose to look at these because it emphasizes the idea of one actor acting as numerous characters. This research is crucial to understand how Arthur Winters will behave when acting as  any of the other characters.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing evidence of your primary research too! ;)