Monday, 9 January 2012


The Christmas period has been filled with animation, texturing, critiques and rendering. Along with texturing updates and lighting adjustments here and there. We have all been pushing hard to try and get everything finished with plenty of time for post production and with a few things left to do post production should be going ahead within the next few days. Rendering has been taking a while, but thanks to Ethan's render layers it is looking great. We don't want to show too much in the way of finished work as we'd much rather show that within the Art Book and the final animation in under two weeks. But I thought I'd post some of these old pre visualisations showing some of the animation that I've completed and rendered. Most of these scenes have changed a great deal and include a number of extra camera shots, but hopefully give an insight into the process.

We will try and show some more updates over the next week, with developments in sound and post production coming soon.

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  1. Hi Jordan and Ruben, just thought to stop by and congratulate you on your fantastic animation! Your character is alive and expressive... cant wait to see the finished film and its development to the final stage. I hope you 'think' sound (and work with scratch sound) as you animate, because sound also helps your attention to detail in the timing of the animation. goodluck with the rest, will keep following!