Wednesday, 12 September 2012

New Project - The Little Robot

With our last post, we announce the beginning of a new project, this new project is a screenplay adaptation of the Book The Little Robot by Amy Mccartney.

While we are starting to think of scriptwriting and how effectively adapt the story.  Firstly we are presenting 3 posters for our pitch presentation, these 3 posters will demonstrate the characters and the environments modeled, the art direction we will choose, as well as any colour schemes, athmosphere and scale comparison.

So stay tuned on that end!!

Therefore, in the beginning of each project, one of the first steps is to research the style you want to employ to your animation. On our meeting we decided to have a variety of ideas on art direction, where each member would come with their own ideas. In this case this is my opinion ( Ruben) on the art direction and style we could take on this project. Here my influence map.

 I would love to see how the rest takes on this. 

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