Saturday, 30 July 2011

Family Situation Gags Research

Having the outline of the story set, the next task is to come up with a few gags, related to a family days out. Most of the situations come from our own experience, but we can also see them being used and reused in films and animations alike. So here is a couple of those situations:

The Famous "Are there yet?" scene from Shrek, Dreamworks

The scene is iconic in the film and it also marks donkey as an annoying and bored creature, yet so funny!

Pixar Short- Mike's New Car

This short animation by Pixar is just great, because it is full of great day-to-day gags involving cars an their technology. Mike's (green monster) personality actually fits quite well with the dad in our alien dad.

Pixar's Finding Nemo the EAC Current   

I chose this scene just to show how adaptable the human world can be to the animal world. In the film, the EAC Current is meant to resemble a high speed motorway, this small connections will be need when adapting an human situation to an alien world.

Illion's Planet 51, Alien Family set up 

I just chose this scene because of the character design of the aliens, although from another planet they pretty much resemble to us, we could use this in our advantage to connect the alien species to a day-to-day human situation.

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