Saturday, 30 July 2011

Tuesday's Meeting Post

Last Tuesday, we had our first brainstoming meeting via Skype. In this meeting the goal was to begin to gather a narrower idea for our animation.  With group call screen sharing we were able to have a truly interesting conference, which helped us to throw ideas and brainstorm as a group.

We have all to agree that after only 1 hour of meeting, we were being really productive. Already having a few ideas, one that could simply work. so here is the boards taken from this meeting.

The 2 boards show how we try to gather ideas(1st board), where each one of us was asked to give some themes or situations that would look great in animation within the sci-fi comedy genre. With Ethan Shilling steaming that day and giving great gags in certain situations we were able to narrow our ideas into one. 

" An Alien Family on holidays, who relies on Sat Nav navigation to arrive to their destination."

with the idea focused, the nextstep is to structutre the story and add gags and situations that could happen. The whole situation is already comic, and so it gives the possibility to great gags. 

Without any research we were able to already think of some gags. so what follows is a clean version of board 2. 

Story 1st idea

Characters: Alien Family (3 or 4) 
Situation: Going on Holidays or a simply day out on the holidays
Location: Outer Space, motorway in space, etc...

Characters Possibilities

-He knows everything and refuses to ask for directions (Stubborn) 

- Erratic 
- Reasonable

- Bored, constantly asking " Are we there yet?" 
- Kid fighting with the pet on the back seat.

Pet (Maybe): 
- Robot pet 
- Always pointing the right way but never heard. 

Sat Nav: 
famous quote: "Make a 'U' turn!"

Ending Possibilities: 

They almost arrive to the destination/ they arrive / they don't arrive.

with the outline of the story idea the next step to fill in the gaps, and try to create a funny animation. So for next meeting on Tuesday we will try to get more gags to better resolve this idea.

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