Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Characters Initial Influence Maps

With the main idea cooking on one side, we have already decided what characters our story will have. I introduce shortly the characteristics of each character

The technology lover dad, who relies on it in most of his life, however he doesn't know how to use it. The Mum a rational character who relies on reason and common sense to resolve many cases. an then we have the robot pet, who for the holidays have lost his favourite toys, so he tries to sabotage the trip.

Being in charge of character design, I have created an initial research map for each character in which every member can see it for inspiration. By any means, these maps are not final and they will discussed tomorrow in our 3rd meeting.

Also I have created a quick influence map for the breed of alien. As you can see by the maps, they are quite they broad and have no conclusive look in which the aliens should fit, this will allow our designers to try new things and varied designs.

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