Monday, 8 August 2011

Main Idea Development

Early last week, we had a meeting in which we focused in certain aspects of this project. One of them was develop our main idea.

For that purpose we decided to investigate a few aspects of our characters, and then create an initial narrative structure. 

Firstly we changed our characters, instead of having the initial 4 characters, we opted for only 3. The Dad, the Mum, and the pet.

Each of these characters have a really specific goal on this trip: 

The Dad- a technology lover who wants to use it on his holidays. 
The Mum- Want a quiet place to relax.
The Pet- wants to go back home, to be with his toys.

The initial narrative structure has been drawn on the meeting, It is as follows: 

Although it may look like a code, it makes sense to us at this point, however Story Supervisor Ethan Shilling is developing the story even further by adding the gags any dialogue needed etc. So a first draft script shall be uploaded later this week. 

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