Monday, 8 August 2011

2nd Week: Ideas

Last week, we gathered ideas and began discuss them. This week was a decisive one. So nothing better than in the beginning of the week to start with a meeting.

On this meeting we discussed a few aspects of this project, Firstly, with the ideas that we had previously, we worked on them and began to develop a main idea. Although we had a pretty good idea, it was proved that in developing it things often change. So Although we will keep the same locations and main focus idea, our characters to better fit this idea were changed. So instead of 4 character we decided by having only 3. We have also began to understand the purpose of each character, just so we could improve our narrative structure, Despite our main idea developed, we still have to work on it further.

Other aspects were also discussed on that meeting, such as Art Direction. In which we decided to go with a more commercial look, which is often characterised as Pixar Style. Where our character will have stylisation and the world fictional, however always paying attention to detail.

Finally, on the rest of the meeting we discussed marketing and how we could possibly effectively publish our final animation for that purpose. we established a few strategies.

-Online Teaser Posters
-Final Poster
-Free Wallpapers to Download
-Use Twitter
-Making of- Timelapse Videos Available to Everyone
-Press-Junket Pack
-Advertising in University
- 3D print out

Since this week's meeting, we also concentrated on understanding the characters. And some Profile Sheets and respective Research will be uploaded later this week.


  1. my, my... I'm already a little enthralled by 'Atom Pancakes'. You have been busy - and it's wonderful to behold! Tutorphil is very excited! :D

  2. Hey Phil, I've just returned from holiday and so have missed the comments but I'm glad the project is providing some excitement. We have a lot of good ideas and really want to take this to the next level. A lot more to come this week.