Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Character: Arthur Winters- Character Additional Designs

Last week, we had our first creative tutorial with Alan, and though i was not able to be present, the studio filled me in with the feedback he gave about the story and character. Overall the story it is going the right way and we began to storyboard it. We have also took some interesting ideas that Alan suggested and definitely we are incorporating them in the story.

For that matter, additional information on the character was needed. With the new elements integrated in the story. Instead of having 2d motion graphics to play out the daydream sequences, we are actually doing them in 3D, as well as changing the content of each one of them. On this new idea, the character will try to find who is the murderer, therefore he will in his thought sequence play out possible suspects. By getting a few props and acting like them.

Additional Suspect Sheet

Also we though of adding an extra gag in the after credits sequence, where we will see the character burnt and beginning to write something rather different. 

This definitely will allow us to work more on character animation, as we will have more scenes to play with.

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