Monday, 3 October 2011

Weekly Roundup - Finishing the Concepts

Today we are presenting our latest concept art on the character and environment. This stage is practically finished, and work is already starting on the final stage of pre-production - Story Boarding / Animatic.

First up, are some colour tests on the character.
Ruben has focused on some variations on the colour, mostly with the clothes and hair.

Jordan has also taken the character and done some detailed paintings.

This one shows a story idea that hasn't been used in the latest story.

Ruben has sinse done the final character design, complete wiht profile sheet...

...and also an action shot!

Now here we have some of the very latest designs, showing the main character dressed up as other types of characters. This is part of an idea in the latest incarnation of the story!

With it is an influence map.

Then finally we have the characters face, having just had his work blown up in front of him!

Next up, we have all the progress on the environment.
Jordan has worked out how the office of our writer is going to look like.

Lastly I am presenting all the final drawings of the important props in the scene.

Although the drawn typewriter is very simple, this will be mostly modeled by eye with this as a rough guide, but using the many reference images, some of which have been posted earlier to get the details in.

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  1. thank you ethan for doing the week round up, great stuff.