Thursday, 15 December 2011

Environment Update

In between animation I've been continuing work on the office environment which is getting closer to completion. There are still tweaks to be made and render times to be worked out but it is finally starting to feel like Arthur Winter's office. Below you can see some test renders showing the different lighting stages, from daytime to night time. This produces an effective result but we are still looking into lowering our render time.

You can also see the office environment layout, filled with books, papers and furniture. Again, there are still a few props to add and textures to be connected but this will be done very soon.

We will be displaying the full range of textures in our "The Art of The Final Chapter" book, but as you can see below the texture list is ever growing. Ruben and I have worked on a ton of different textures all to create a realistic world.

Animation is going nicely, and we are determined to produce the best animation possible. More updates on this will come later this week after we meet to critique and discuss our work so far.

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