Wednesday, 14 December 2011

More Animation in Progress

A Flock of Pixels has been animating. So far I've been blocking out three of the scenes which have been assigned to me.
I started with the maid dream sequence, focusing on the walk cycle mostly.

I have also decided upon this camera angle. It shows the walk cycle from the best angle and also (after he has turned a corner) shows the swinging of the dagger in the clearest way. (note - the legs do break in this clip, but that issue has be addressed since this playblast was taken)

The next scene I've been working on is the part where the pencil is stuck in the pencil sharpener. It may look like he is floating, but he will be on a chair. That'll be animated once everything else in the scene is finalised. (note - final camera angles not decided)

The latest scene I've been working on is the one where the typewriter jams. I did have to quickly rig the typewriter for this scene, and since I was rigging the sliding mechanism, it seemed a good idea to do the keys too even though they are not needed in this scene. If I'm not mistaken, Ruben is in charge of the scene where we see him typing. (note - final camera angles not decided)

So I will continue to get everything blocked out before refining anything so that we can see how everything is going to act out early on. One day I will get round to fixing the last few issues with the skinning on the rig!

A Flock of Pixels


  1. whoa, all the scenes, love timing so far! and the exaggeration too! ( that feminine walk made me laugh :D )

  2. Yes,that is so funny! - did Ruben really walk like that in the research ? :D

  3. i must have had lol, who knows???

  4. I think we need to see the evidence! :D