Saturday, 8 September 2012

The Final Chapter - The Final Post

Well it's finally here! The post that closes one project, to make way for something new.

Since The Final Chapters first release, it has undergone quite a few changes.
It has endured many cuts, but also welcomed some brand new scenes, and all to prepare itself for New Designers 2012, which has been and gone... it went rather well!

The Final Chapter isn't the only thing undergoing some tweaks. Very soon Atom Pancakes should be releasing an updated logo and brand new ident, also hopefully giving both the studio website banner and the blogs banner their own similar, but distinctive look... and we might actually get some business cards designed and printed! No idea how we overlooked that!
So after the success of New Designers 2012, this officially marks the end of The Final Chapter.

It's a goodbye from Arthur Winters and a warm welcome for...

... well, I think I'll let Ruben properly introduce the next project!

Ethan Shilling

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  1. Well done Atom Pancakes - what a debut!! :) Looking forward to seeing what comes next...