Sunday, 13 November 2011

Character Props and other Props Update

Last week, the task was primarily model the character and lay out its Uvs, with that finished my task for the past week was to model the character props, a set of props that will be close and parented to the character, and that going to be animated.

Although I may post some repetitions this are the props i have been working on.

Butler's Tie Bow

Butler's Tray

Magnifying Glass

Chef's Rolling Pin with Breakable Rigged Extra

Burnt Moustache

Chef's Hat


On this prop I have also created a video showing the whole system of the string working, as we move the monocle glass the string will follow. 

This week, i have been working on finishing the props that were missing from the environment, that features a furious pencil sharpener, which is ready to eat a lot of pencils, and a plant that will be burnt. 
note that most of these props were already started by my colleague Ethan, So i tweaked them and laid out the UVS. 

Cup Trophy

Cup Trophy UVs

Pencil Sharpener

Pencil Sharpener UVs

Pot Plant (Dynamics Simulation Still to come)

Shield Trophy

Shield Trophy UVs

With this left the last prop needed is the burnt hair on our character, that will need to be modelled and then sculpted. 

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