Friday, 4 November 2011

Environment Update

This week we've all been working on different aspects and things are to push forward quickly. This week I've been trying to finish the interior and exterior environments, and skin the character. I've modelled quite a few props and the environments and although there still needs a few extra details, most of the props are ready to be set and textured. Below are a few of the images from this process.

I've also started modelling the exterior environment ready to texture and light. The quick renders below are only temporary lighting and shaders, they will be fully textured and lit in the coming weeks. Also more details will be added this weekend.

And the interior set is starting to come together. These images below show the scene in a mock up, including Ethan's great typewriter model and his lamp, filing cabinet and bottle.

Meanwhile, I've also been testing out some normal maps to add detail to our props without adding a great deal of render time. The images below first show the wall panels created using a high poly model that is then projected to a low poly version using normal maps. Below this is the first Zbrush test showing sculpted details on the back rest.

Also, today I finished the skinning which will soon be combined with Ethan's rig ready for a fully moving character. The playblast below shows the character movement of each joint.

This weekend I'll be taking the character into Zbrush and more updates are to come from the team.

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