Friday, 4 November 2011

Summarising our Progress

Another update on our project, although the blog has been very quiet, here at Atom Pancakes we are very active and trying to move with this project forward while meeting deadlines.

We have been doing several things, such as finishing Pre-production, and stepping on Production. Firstly we have decided to resolve our story, so we worked for weeks on getting the storyboards and Animatic done. The latest animatic, definitely shows what we are trying to achieve, however is always room for improvement on the following weeks.

So here is the latest animatic: 

Still in pre-production, we decided to fix the concept art, while it definitely showed 1930's the only worry was the place in which the animation would be set. 

So Jordan decided to create an extra piece of concept art to confirm our intentions.

As I mentioned before, we have also began production, where we all shared tasks in modelling something, from Character to Props and Sets.

Character Modelling

The Body

The Head 

The sets were also modelled and tested.

Study Room

Outside Shot


We have also began constructing all the props in the environment, props in which our character will interact with. 

Cigarette Pack


Dagger Award




File Cabinet

Desk Lamp


We are still in production, so more images will be posted here soon with all the progress. 

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